Decorating with glass

The distinguishing element in Cristal manufacturing is the decoration inside two panes of glass, a technique which we started 20 years ago and in which we have achieved an undisputed quality in the field of stratified glass doors or sliding glass systems.
The renewed collections of the first half 2016 allows us to offer a wide choice of decorations, all of which are customizable, and to accomodate any furnishing need through decorated glass.
Therefore we can offer our partners hinged doors, sliding doors, and a series of furnishing complements (table tops, mirrors, balustrades for stairs or lofts), with matching decorations.

Glass is for sure one of the most widely used materials to provide an original touch to decor, to divide space through doors or sliding devices made of security certified glass, with the opportunity to ‘manipulate’ glass by making it clear or not, colourless or extremely colourful, opaque or glossy, by using sheer effects, by embellishing the whole with further decoration or other materials insertion inside the glass panes: this is Cristal’s approach when offering you its decorations. We are inviting you to amuse yourself in finding the solution which may suit you, to get thrilled in order to get “thrilling” spaces.