Born in 1994 as a manufacturer of artistic glass windows, Cristal has then substituted the lead alloy stratification technique, entering this way in the world of certified safety products. From the cooperation with the Italian architect Marcello Gennari in 2004, the first line of design doors was born, which is today available in more than 180 models, all tailor-made and customised. Interchanging types of glass, colours, papers and fabrics, sliding systems, edge shape, contemporaneous or brush painting decorations there is the chance to create numerous variations and solutions. Authentic dehydrated Buddha leaves, rare rice paper, linen fabric combined with painted décors… These are the new decorative ways that interpret in a contemporaneous perspective, techniques already widely consolidated.

The collections

Agorà is an outside sliding door with sliding system in anodized aluminum. Each leaf is composed by two panes of glass coupled permanently by stratification with Italian 100% linen fabric and painted decors with sandblast effect inside.

Gange is an inside sliding door with frames in wood lacquered aluminum. It is composed by a pane of glass on one side and a composition of 13 glasses on the other, 11 of them containing dehydrated Buddha leaves, coupled permanently by stratification.

Iside/P is a swing door without frames and wood jambs. It is composed of two panes of glass coupled permanently by stratification with a digital printing on the entire surface inside.


All Cristal doors are made with the stratification safety technique and in some cases tempered matched. With this technique the product obtained is safe eliminating the risk of shattering and cutting injures. Further, the decors, printings and paintings are always enclosed between two panes of glass keeping the glass inalterable over the time and chemicals. It is a certified product that guarantees a safe product in confirmation to the European Regulations. Cristal products are certified by the Experimental Station for Glass UNI EN ISO 12543-4 N.B..

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