Natural leaves

Natural leaves tumbling down, beauty inside glass


Natural leaves: Cristal product line dedicated to the discovery of Eastern nature. Every small imperfection and different colour shade of the leaves contributes to the original final effect. Dehydrated Buddha natural leaves are placed by hand, one after the other, on the glass pane, which is later steadily united to another pane through the stratification process. This special manufacturing technique provides the product with strength and protection through time. There are solutions with satin background too, either white or colourful, matching lido decoration, lacquered or laminated colours or digital print.


A door becomes an interior design element. This line brings together the basic quality of glass with Buddha natural leaves: a unique decoration achieved through the dehydration of real natural leaves. These typical heart shaped leaves, embedded in glass like gems, can suit different interior design needs. Natural leaves line can offer an original brightness to any house interior, particularly to living rooms.

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