Saving glass

Lines which become line edges and minimal decorations over sheer backgrounds.


We have a series of decorations made with painted sandblasted backgound (lido) in several standard colours and the possibility to get them in customized colours as well, matched to transparent decorations.Another version of this collection are the satin background glasses with decorations carried out using Lido paint.The paint is used is water paint with a very low level of solvent and a less environmental impact than solvent based paint. Besides with our technique the painted surface is enclosed between two glass panes thanks to vacuum-sealed stratification thus making the manufacture unalterable through time.


This collection, suitable for minimal and modern design, is perfect to get a detail discreetly emphasizing your furniture, they can be transparent lines over sand-blasted backgrounds, or colourful decorations against satin background depending on your need for more or less privacy.The best light transition is granted by white or light colours and with white satin background, the best aesthetic results can be achieved whenever window light is behind the door too.

SavingGlass_particolare3.jpg SavingGlass_particolare1.jpg SavingGlass_particolare2.jpg